Visit our store at 42 Ly Tu Trong, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Opening hours: 10 AM - 9 PM daily.


About Soumaki and how to order:
1. How does it work ?
  • With one menu from Soumaki, you can mix and match different items together to create your own unique healthy meals. You can order a single meal or as many meals as you like.
2. Who can eat Soumaki food ?
  • Anyone can eat Soumaki food. No matter if you are an active person, office worker, student, athlete, or you just simply want to live a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy diet. Soumaki is for you ! 
3. How do i place order ?
  • You can order for delivery on GRABFOOD
4. Is Soumaki on any food ordering app ?
  • Soumaki is available on GRABFOOD
5. Do you do weekly meal plan ?
  • Yes, we can offer weekly meal plan according to your requirement (it can be your calories requirement, fat loss requirement, muscle gain requirement, high protein low carb requirement, you name it).
6. Is Soumaki food suitable for weight loss and muscle building ?
  • Yes. Our food is suitable for any fitness purpose.
7. Do i have to choose from all step ?
  • No. You can freely mix and match the items on your own, you may skip some steps if you wanted.
8. Can i know how many calories and the macronutrients in my food ?
  • Yes you can visit our calories calculator page to calculate the calories/macronutrients of your meal
1. Do you use oil to cook ?
  • We do not use oil in most of our food. Except for some baked items, we use a very little amount of oil.
2. How long can i keep my food ?
  • With proper storage in the fridge, you can store the food up to 2 days.
3. Is the food container reheatable/microwavable ?
  • Yes, just remove the lid cover and put the container inside the microwave to reheat.
4. Is your packaging eco-friendly ?
  • Our packaging is made from KRAFT paper and yes it’s eco-friendly.
Delivery & working hour:
1. Do i have to order in advance ?
  • No, you don’t have to order in advanced.
2. When do you deliver ?
  • We can deliver within 15 minutes after you place your order. We can deliver any time for you between 10 AM - 9 PM
3. Which service do you use to deliver ?
  • We deliver using GrabExpress and ShopeeFood.
1. What kind of payment methods do you accept ?
  • We accept cash and card payment for dining in store.
  • For delivery, we accept cash on delivery and bank transfer.