At Soumaki, we believe every healthy meal is a love letter to our future self.

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We’re here to be your soulmate on this wellness journey, crafting tasty and balanced bowls out of your specific needs. Our goal is to empower you to cultivate self-love, and embrace a healthier, happier you.


We help people build healthy relationships with food.

Through our everyday-fresh, nutritionally balanced & flavorful bowls, paired with customized guidance, we strive to inspire a deeper connection between you and your food.

We envision a world where every person embraces the power of nutrition, making conscious choices that fuel their bodies and nurture their souls. Together, we are dedicated to transforming lives, one tasty and healthy bowl at a time.

Food made
with love
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Food is made with love and makes you fall deep in self-love. It's love and care all over the journey from our kitchen to your taste buds.

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We listen to your needs and mind your opinions to empathize with your health as a closest friend. Every experience is crafted wholeheartedly, just for you.

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Soumaki believe in life-long relationships. As we sustainably connect you with nutritious food, we also value our staff and partners as part of the Soumaki family.

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Talking about food and health can be a bit of a snooze-fest. So we try to communicate to comprehend in the most playful and informative way a soulmate can ever do.

Our philosophy to healthy eating


Protein powerhouse

Forget fading energy! Our bowls pack a protein punch, helping you feel stronger and ready to rock your day, yet conquer the gym and gain muscle.

Carbs done right

Carbs get a bad rap, but here’s the truth: they’re your body’s go-to energy source. No need to cut them out entirely, choose the right ones to keep you moving throughout the day.

Veggie wonderland

Greens aren’t just good, they’re digestion-boosting, blood pressure-lowering superheroes. Think glowing skin, a happy gut, and a healthy heart—all thanks to the green goodness.